Structured Blogging; really structured web information

Just read Dan Farber‘s post on structured blogging that in turn refers to some other posts on the subject.He and some of the other posts he references are addressing the concern that the overhead of adding the structure isn’t worth it for the blogger. His conclusion, BTW, is that giving up (even before it’s really […]

Web 3.0??????

Wow – that was fast. I’m reminded of Sally in a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – (paraphrasing) “Another holiday?!? I haven’t even finished my Halloween candy yet!”. It wasn’t that long ago that the noise around Web 2.0 was at a crescendo and now there are folks “defining” Web 3.0.Just as with the Web 2.0 stuff, […]

Reference Architecture, Technical Architecture, etc.

In the work that we are doing in iECM we keep coming back to a discussion around what the right term is for what we are creating. I’ve gotten a bit distracted for a few hours trying to find a consistent definition of the various “xyz architecture” terms (reference architecture, technical architecture, abstract architecture, etc.). […]

Participatory Content Creation

Okay, there is a lot of contention around the use of a term like “Web 2.0” and yeah, to a great degree, I agree, it’s a bit “markety”; then again, I work for a company that has to make money (or my job and lots of others go away) and I understand the need for […]

Decoupling data

One of the topics of greatest interest for me these days is how to decouple data from its application. Timing was perfect as recent posts from Jon Udell‘s are on the same subject. Starting with his post Database truth and wire truth I wound my way through a number of other bits, one of which […]

Word Wierdness

Okay, I’m stumped. I had a document that I received from a colleague and when I opened it the thing looked like this:The wierdness is the “1.” on the left of each line number. Other documents with line numbers didn’t show the “1.” so after banging my head against the wall for 3 hours (okay, […]