Intelligence for content

In my ZDNet Announcements of the day the headline that caught my eye (after their subject line of If Oracle can buy Open Source, why not Microsoft?) was DHS program tries to connect far-flung information, but at what privacy cost?In the iECM consortium I am working in, the US federal government is actively participating as […]

Long time XSLT person looking at XQuery

Looking at XQuery has been on my to do list for quite a while. In that while I always assumed that XQuery was something over and above XSLT – added some fabulous new capabilities. Well, I finally took the time to have a look at XQuery this weekend and I was kinda disappointed, even frustrated.They […]

Snowed in!!

Given that this was now a month ago I suppose it is somewhat old news… but worth posting anyway.We arrived in Mammoth Lakes, CA January 1st about 5:30PM – had to chain up with 3 miles to go – there was around 3 inches of snow on the ground. They expected 6-12 inches overnight. They […]