iECM Article in eDoc Magazine

My iECM co-chair, Eric Stevens, and I co-wrote an introductory article on iECM that can be found here.We are currently balloting the iECM technical scope – will post on the results of that in a couple of weeks.

Beyond a standard

Earlier I posted on the existence of a blog that covers industry standards. I came to that site because I was trying to get a grasp of what was going on with ODF, my interest being more in the dynamics around the standard than in the standard itself. It’s been getting a lot of buzz, […]

Standards Blog

I’m sure there is more than one but following my initial review I am very impressed with this one. The containing site, Consortium Info claims to be “the most comprehensive source of information on the Internet regarding standards, standard setting, and open source software”. The site and blog are run by a lawyer specializing in […]