Upcoming Gluecon Talk

If you haven’t been to Gluecon, you should go. It’s a super techie conference in a stunning location. Warning, though, it’s higher than the mile high city, and you’ll seriously feel it when you are out for your morning run! Good stuff.

Anyway, I keep wanting to link to my presentation but the way it’s arranged on the website, the talk title and abstract are embedded in a pdf or google doc. So here is my talk in a linkable form:

Title: Declarative Infrastructure with Cloud Foundry BOSH

Abstract: Initially built to deploy and manage the Cloud Foundry “Elastic Runtime”, the platform that allows application developers and operators to easily deploy and manage applications and services through the entire app lifecycle (including production!), Cloud Foundry BOSH is a system that manages any virtual machine clusters of arbitrarily complex, distributed systems. You define your release through packages (what gets installed on the VMs), jobs (what is run on the VMs) and a deployment manifest (declaration of the cluster) and BOSH will first deploy and then continue to maintain your cluster to match that desired state. The result is a self-healing, eventually consistent system that markedly reduces the operational burdens and supports a great number of other Devops functions such as canary, zero-downtime upgrades, autoscaling, built in high availability and more. In this session we’ll show you how to create, deploy and manage a BOSH release, and we’ll watch what BOSH does when bad things happen.

Unofficially, BOSH is freakin cool! Come see.

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