CMIS and Atom/AtomPub

As has been widely blogged on by Craig Randall, Chuck Hollis, Andrew Chapman, John Newton, Ethan Gur-esh, David Nuescheler and many analysts including IDC, Burton Group, CMS Watch, 451 Group and more, EMC, IBM and Microsoft today announced that they have worked together to create a draft specification for a web services based (and I […]

JSR-170 (JSR-283) as an in the application server interface

I was recently listening to Jon Udell’s podcast conversation with Roy Fielding about HTTP, REST, WebDAV, JSR 170 and Waka. Lots of interesting tidbits in there but one in particular that I wanted to post on is with respect to JSR-170 and JSR-283; I’ve not heard these charactizations put quite as clearly before. Roy, being […]

Content Management Standards Becoming More Interesting

EMC’s developer conference (DevCon) is this week and yesterday I spoke on Standards for Content Management. I’ve spoken on this subject, both at the EMC Software User Conferences (Momentum) and at DevCon for the last two years. Some stats: Event # of Conf. Attendees # of session Attendees – 2005 # of session Attendees – […]