Paul Maritz’s Keynote At EMC World 2011

Of all of the keynotes and big stage presentations from EMC World 2011, my absolute favorite was the Tuesday morning session from VMWare CEO, Paul Maritz. I tried to tweet a few things but in the end decided that too much would be lost in 140 character snippets. I remember seeing a VMWare presentation about […]

IHE Connectathon – An Oustanding Event

I’m sitting at O’hare waiting for my flight home after a wonderful visit with some friends from my graduate school days at IU that was preceeded by a week of work at the IHE North American Connectathon. As I start writing, it’s in the forth quarter of the NFC championship game, right here in Chicago, […]

EMC = Innovation?

Is that what springs to mind when you think of EMC? Isn’t it HP that = “invent”? Well, yeah, that HP marketing campaign was very successful but marketing or no, HP’s simply known for that innovative spirit. But EMC – what are they known for? Storage systems? Great sales force? Yes and yes. But innovation?I […]