Changing quota definitions

Recently I’ve had several customers ask about whether quota definitions can be changed, both in the OSS product and in PCF.  The short answer is “yes”. Here’s the longer: First, for those of you who might be unfamiliar with quotas, they are assigned to organizations and basically limit consumption within that organization.  A quota definition […]

Using the Cloud Controller REST interface

When starting out with Cloud Foundry you are likely to use vmc for most of your communications with the cloud, but under the covers, vmc just fires off HTTP requests to the cloud controller REST interface.  This REST interface is completely legitimate for you to use, either “by hand” with something like curl, or from […]

Deploying a service to cloud foundry via BOSH

In this last of a three part series on learning how to add services to a Cloud Foundry cloud we’ll deploy the echo service into a BOSH-based deployment.  In part II you’ll find a more detailed description of the parts of a system service implementation, and also a description of and link to an updated […]

Learning how to add services to Cloud Foundry

There are a lot of things we want to do with Cloud Foundry, at the moment we are focusing on adding services such as Cassandra.  We’ve been studying the code for existing Cloud Foundry services (i.e. Postgres) and we’ve deployed the sample Echo service, a couple of times.  This was a pretty significant investment that […]

Customizing Micro Cloud Foundry?

I love micro cloud foundry.  I spend a fair bit of time on airplanes, and I hate not being able to work because my internet connection is flaky in some hotel room so being self sufficient when I am doing dev is critical. So good thinking, and thanks Cloud Foundry team. Micro cloud foundry is […]

Building Git on Ubuntu 11.10

I struggled a bit with this today but as is often the case, one little tweak (okay, really two) and I was good to go.  I did lots of googling in the process and found many sources for information on building Git from source but most were a bit older and out of date in […]