Web 2.0 and SOA World

A couple of weeks ago I attended the SOA World Conference and Expo in New York City. I gave a presentation on interoperability for content management; I’ll post on that topic again very soon, starting with my SOA World presentation but in short, it’s about standards and they need to be service oriented. More on […]

Web Services enabling the non-programmer

We are headed in the right direction! After years, actually decades, of talking about “high-level” programming languages we have achieved the first major increment since the time where programmers were given a means to program in something other than assembly language.I’m a computer scientist. I love programming languages. The more sophisticated (complicated) the better. Okay, […]

Time as a service

The United States is changing its daylight savings time (DST) dates this year to begin three weeks earlier and end one week later than they have in previous years. I’m sure that everyone agrees (actually, I’m more sure that someone disagrees, preferring to control this entirely themselves) that it’s nice not to have to remember […]