IHE Connectathon – An Oustanding Event

I’m sitting at O’hare waiting for my flight home after a wonderful visit with some friends from my graduate school days at IU that was preceeded by a week of work at the IHE North American Connectathon. As I start writing, it’s in the forth quarter of the NFC championship game, right here in Chicago, […]

Why PUT can’t be used for partial updates

I’ve been discussing PUT vs. PATCH with some colleagues and finally took the time to come up with a concrete example of why PUT absolutely should not be used for partial updates of resources. One colleague pointed out the following points made by Roy Fielding on the AtomPub listserv: FWIW, PUT does not mean store. […]

Atom extension for hierarchy

There has been a bit of a debate going on in CMIS on this topic and I’m interested in thoughts from members of the REST and/or Atom community so am posting a synopsis here. The CMIS mailing list is open to the public and you can see the most recent thread on the subject here […]

JSR-170 (JSR-283) as an in the application server interface

I was recently listening to Jon Udell’s podcast conversation with Roy Fielding about HTTP, REST, WebDAV, JSR 170 and Waka. Lots of interesting tidbits in there but one in particular that I wanted to post on is with respect to JSR-170 and JSR-283; I’ve not heard these charactizations put quite as clearly before. Roy, being […]

Content Management Standards Becoming More Interesting

EMC’s developer conference (DevCon) is this week and yesterday I spoke on Standards for Content Management. I’ve spoken on this subject, both at the EMC Software User Conferences (Momentum) and at DevCon for the last two years. Some stats: Event # of Conf. Attendees # of session Attendees – 2005 # of session Attendees – […]


I’ve been spending a fair bit of my morning reading posts in “complexity of SOA” fray and it caused me to wonder, really, how many WS-* standards (approved or in the works) are there? First place I thought to look turned out to be the winner: Wikipedia has what is presumably a current list of […]

iECM Article in eDoc Magazine

My iECM co-chair, Eric Stevens, and I co-wrote an introductory article on iECM that can be found here.We are currently balloting the iECM technical scope – will post on the results of that in a couple of weeks.

Standards Blog

I’m sure there is more than one but following my initial review I am very impressed with this one. The containing site, Consortium Info claims to be “the most comprehensive source of information on the Internet regarding standards, standard setting, and open source software”. The site and blog are run by a lawyer specializing in […]