iECM Article in eDoc Magazine

My iECM co-chair, Eric Stevens, and I co-wrote an introductory article on iECM that can be found here.We are currently balloting the iECM technical scope – will post on the results of that in a couple of weeks.

iECM Charter Approved

The iECM team has approved both an overall consortium charter as well as a techncal charter. Both can be accessed from the iECM Home Page.

Decoupling data

One of the topics of greatest interest for me these days is how to decouple data from its application. Timing was perfect as recent posts from Jon Udell‘s are on the same subject. Starting with his post Database truth and wire truth I wound my way through a number of other bits, one of which […]

Interoperable Enterprise Content Management

Over the last several months I have been working with a number of colleagues, one from the FAA and another from Adobe Systems on a new initiative under the auspices of AIIM – the subject, Interoperable Enterprise Content Management (it took me months before I didn’t stumble trying to say that ;-)) – call it […]