Upcoming Gluecon Talk

If you haven’t been to Gluecon, you should go. It’s a super techie conference in a stunning location. Warning, though, it’s higher than the mile high city, and you’ll seriously feel it when you are out for your morning run! Good stuff. Anyway, I keep wanting to link to my presentation but the way it’s […]


Seriously?I was on a 4 hour flight today and was the first person in the lav. No TP. A search through the entire cabin turned up only the rolls already hanging in the other lavs. You must be joking! Isn’t TP as important to the flight as the snacks for purchase? I dare say even […]

WOW – Photojournalism at its best

I got there via a rather convoluted path (that I’ll spare you), and I cannot believe that I hadn’t seen this before but Chris Jordan is truly a talent and one with a strong social conscience to boot. Wow. His current work, called Running the Numbers: an American Self-Portrait, (not yet complete) is to produce […]

Beyond a standard

Earlier I posted on the existence of a blog that covers industry standards. I came to that site because I was trying to get a grasp of what was going on with ODF, my interest being more in the dynamics around the standard than in the standard itself. It’s been getting a lot of buzz, […]

Intelligence for content

In my ZDNet Announcements of the day the headline that caught my eye (after their subject line of If Oracle can buy Open Source, why not Microsoft?) was DHS program tries to connect far-flung information, but at what privacy cost?In the iECM consortium I am working in, the US federal government is actively participating as […]

Long time XSLT person looking at XQuery

Looking at XQuery has been on my to do list for quite a while. In that while I always assumed that XQuery was something over and above XSLT – added some fabulous new capabilities. Well, I finally took the time to have a look at XQuery this weekend and I was kinda disappointed, even frustrated.They […]