Upcoming Gluecon Talk

If you haven’t been to Gluecon, you should go. It’s a super techie conference in a stunning location. Warning, though, it’s higher than the mile high city, and you’ll seriously feel it when you are out for your morning run! Good stuff. Anyway, I keep wanting to link to my presentation but the way it’s […]

Diversity in Tech, Openspace at Devops Days

… diversity in tech, or shall I say, the lack thereof. It’s a tough topic, the problem is so vast and multi-faceted that it’s hard to even know where to start, so I’m afraid I cannot report any major breakthroughs or deep insight. I will share some observations, opinions and emotions though – sorry, it is an emotional topic.

This is a test (to be followed by some Cloud Foundry love)

Oh my, is it possible that It’s been more than three months since I posted here? In my defense, I have another blog that I now post on – well, a few actually, including blog.gopivotal.com and blog.cloudfoundry.org. I’ll post a summary of my recent submissions with links soon. I am, in fact, about to go […]

Changing quota definitions

Recently I’ve had several customers ask about whether quota definitions can be changed, both in the OSS product and in PCF.  The short answer is “yes”. Here’s the longer: First, for those of you who might be unfamiliar with quotas, they are assigned to organizations and basically limit consumption within that organization.  A quota definition […]

Canaries are Great!

(cross-posted from the Cloud Foundry blog) First a little background, and then a story. As Matt described here, Cloud Foundry BOSH has a great capability to perform rolling updates automatically to an entire set of servers in a cluster, and there is a defensive aspect to this feature called a “canary” that is at the […]

Intel Developer Forum Hackathon

During a conference-rich week two weeks ago, Pivotal was invited to participate in a coding contest that was a part of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) held at Moscone. The event hosted 15-20 college students, forming two teams that would compete against an Intel team; the task: build an innovative application for junior high math students. The main thing the applications would be judged on was cloud-readiness, and this is where Pivotal came in – the applications would be deployed to Cloud Foundry.

App Restarting in Cloud Foundry

A couple of weeks ago, right before going on what turned out to be a glorious vacation in the sun, I stood up a local Cloud Foundry on my laptop using the cf-vagrant-installer from Altoros.  Turns out there was a bug in a couple of the configuration files (pull request has already been merged) which […]