Canaries are Great!

(cross-posted from the Cloud Foundry blog) First a little background, and then a story. As Matt described here, Cloud Foundry BOSH has a great capability to perform rolling updates automatically to an entire set of servers in a cluster, and there is a defensive aspect to this feature called a “canary” that is at the […]

App Restarting in Cloud Foundry

A couple of weeks ago, right before going on what turned out to be a glorious vacation in the sun, I stood up a local Cloud Foundry on my laptop using the cf-vagrant-installer from Altoros.  Turns out there was a bug in a couple of the configuration files (pull request has already been merged) which […]

Using the Cloud Controller REST interface

When starting out with Cloud Foundry you are likely to use vmc for most of your communications with the cloud, but under the covers, vmc just fires off HTTP requests to the cloud controller REST interface.  This REST interface is completely legitimate for you to use, either “by hand” with something like curl, or from […]

Deploying a service to cloud foundry via BOSH

In this last of a three part series on learning how to add services to a Cloud Foundry cloud we’ll deploy the echo service into a BOSH-based deployment.  In part II you’ll find a more detailed description of the parts of a system service implementation, and also a description of and link to an updated […]

Paul Maritz’s Keynote At EMC World 2011

Of all of the keynotes and big stage presentations from EMC World 2011, my absolute favorite was the Tuesday morning session from VMWare CEO, Paul Maritz. I tried to tweet a few things but in the end decided that too much would be lost in 140 character snippets. I remember seeing a VMWare presentation about […]

Best take on Chrome

I’ve read or skimmed lots of articles about Google Chrome this week, most of which focus on features – the portability of tabs, the minimalist browser panes, the speed of loading pages, … or lack thereof – synch, linux support, etc. The best post I’ve seen is The cloud’s Chrome lining written on Nicholas Carr’s […]