Best take on Chrome

I’ve read or skimmed lots of articles about Google Chrome this week, most of which focus on features – the portability of tabs, the minimalist browser panes, the speed of loading pages, … or lack thereof – synch, linux support, etc. The best post I’ve seen is The cloud’s Chrome lining written on Nicholas Carr’s […]

The new consumer of Atom/RSS feeds

Just this week I was talking with some colleagues about Atom and its applicability to representing content types other than blog entries and news articles and at the same time a query came over the atom syntax mailing list asking about feeds of non-blog content for use in mashups. Aside from mashups being one of […]

Upgraded WordPress

I finally got around to upgrading my WordPress version – if I had known that it would really be as easy as they said it would be I wouldn’t have waited this long. The upgrade was really not more than the 5 steps described here. It almost took me longer to find my DB username […]

Web 2.0 and SOA World

A couple of weeks ago I attended the SOA World Conference and Expo in New York City. I gave a presentation on interoperability for content management; I’ll post on that topic again very soon, starting with my SOA World presentation but in short, it’s about standards and they need to be service oriented. More on […]

Web Services enabling the non-programmer

We are headed in the right direction! After years, actually decades, of talking about “high-level” programming languages we have achieved the first major increment since the time where programmers were given a means to program in something other than assembly language.I’m a computer scientist. I love programming languages. The more sophisticated (complicated) the better. Okay, […]

Web 3.0??????

Wow – that was fast. I’m reminded of Sally in a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – (paraphrasing) “Another holiday?!? I haven’t even finished my Halloween candy yet!”. It wasn’t that long ago that the noise around Web 2.0 was at a crescendo and now there are folks “defining” Web 3.0.Just as with the Web 2.0 stuff, […]

Participatory Content Creation

Okay, there is a lot of contention around the use of a term like “Web 2.0” and yeah, to a great degree, I agree, it’s a bit “markety”; then again, I work for a company that has to make money (or my job and lots of others go away) and I understand the need for […]