Seriously?I was on a 4 hour flight today and was the first person in the lav. No TP. A search through the entire cabin turned up only the rolls already hanging in the other lavs. You must be joking! Isn’t TP as important to the flight as the snacks for purchase? I dare say even […]

WOW – Photojournalism at its best

I got there via a rather convoluted path (that I’ll spare you), and I cannot believe that I hadn’t seen this before but Chris Jordan is truly a talent and one with a strong social conscience to boot. Wow. His current work, called Running the Numbers: an American Self-Portrait, (not yet complete) is to produce […]

Upgraded WordPress

I finally got around to upgrading my WordPress version – if I had known that it would really be as easy as they said it would be I wouldn’t have waited this long. The upgrade was really not more than the 5 steps described here. It almost took me longer to find my DB username […]